Fire Fighter Secures 6 Figure Asbestos Related Settlement

Fire Fighter Secures 6 Figure Asbestos Related Settlement

Asbestos affected Fire fighter, Mr W was employed by the Ministry of Defence Fire Service between 1970 and 2000. He commenced his training in the early 1970s and worked his way up through the ranks, starting as a civilian fire fighter and later becoming a station officer, divisional Officer and Divisional Fire Adviser.

Over the years he was regularly exposed to asbestos dust in the course of his work, initially as an operational fire officer and later sifting through asbestos ridden fire debris as a fire investigator.

He was not warned about the risks of asbestos. As a fire fighter he was provided with a mask for the smoke and fumes but he would remove this as soon as he left the burning building. His clothes and skin would be heavily impregnated with dust particles which he would then try to brush off with his bare hands.

Mr W retired in 2000 after suffering ill health. Over a decade later he began to experience breathlessness and chest pains. He was eventually diagnosed with diffuse pleural thickening caused by exposure to asbestos and had an anxious wait to discover whether he was suffering from a malignant asbestos related disease. Whilst he was relieved to be told his condition was benign, his symptoms rapidly deteriorated and he is now significantly restricted in carrying out normal daily activities. He has to rely heavily on assistance from his wife and family and his life expectancy is reduced.

Mr W came to Wolferstans for advice after his diagnosis. Unfortunately the Ministry of Defence denied his claim and Court proceedings had to be issued. Mr W’s condition continued to deteriorate and after obtaining, but failing to disclose, their medical own report the Defendants put forward a somewhat derisory offer of settlement. Negotiations continued while the Court proceedings progressed and eventually we were able to negotiate settlement of Mr W’s claim at almost three times the sum originally offered by the Defendant without going to trial.

While no amount of money could compensate Mr W for the devastating effects of his condition, his compensation will mean that he no longer has to worry about his wife’s financial security when he is no longer here.

“I was very pleased with the professional way and dignity shown by Catherine – Thank You”

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