Do you have a generic MOD Form 106? Get a Free Will Review with Wolferstans

Do you have a generic MOD Form 106? Get a Free Will Review with Wolferstans

Members of our Armed Forces community often make a Will at a young age, usually far younger than their civilian peers. If you made a Will whilst serving, it may have been a generic MOD Form 106 with no advice on future planning taken into consideration and since then, many things may have changed. Perhaps a new relationship, a marriage or separation, a child, or you may have even left the Armed Forces.

A MOD Form 106 provides you with a very basic Will and advises that you seek professional legal advice in some situations including:

– owning your own home with someone other than your spouse or civil partner – a previous relationship where there may be a disputed claim – a beneficiary of your estate is receiving welfare benefits or has disabilities – you own, or part own, a business – your estate is considered high net worth – or you wish to leave your estate in Trust.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is staggering how many individuals do not take advice at that time.

Wills do not adapt to changes in your lives themselves, and a major change in your circumstances doesn’t always mean that your Will is obsolete so it must be kept under regular review. Will writing is not always a pleasant thing to think about but planning for your future and the future of your loved ones after you pass away is one of the most important things you’re likely to do.

A Will, given proper consideration, can ensure your wishes are carried out when the time comes. It allows you to appoint individuals who you wish to deal with matters following your death (known as ‘Executor(s)’), you can specify your funeral wishes, and choose who will inherit your estate (‘Beneficiaries’). You can also plan ahead to reduce the impact of inheritance tax, second marriages and care home fees.

Did you know that co-habiting with a partner does not mean they will inherit your estate on your death? Without a Will, your estate will pass under the law known as the ‘rules of intestacy’ and without a well thought out Will, your estate may not pass to those who you wish to benefit.

Our specialist Will writing team at Wolferstans offer completely FREE, no-obligation Will reviews.

During this free meeting, we can discuss your Will and your circumstances, and advise you about any changes you may wish to make. We can take instructions remotely or face to face and handle your estate planning with a professional and understanding approach.

We are able to act quickly, and your Will can be finalised in just a few days. We aim to give peace of mind for the future and understand that everyone is different and that everyone needs personal advice specific to their circumstances. We can guide you through the process every step of the way.

To book an appointment with one of our will writing experts, contact our legal team today stating you have an existing MOD Form 106. Please call 01752 292201.

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