Have you or your partner ever worked with asbestos?

Have you or your partner ever worked with asbestos?

Every year, asbestos-related diseases affect thousands of people across the UK. This is thankfully reducing due to the non-prolific use of asbestos. However, asbestos exposure in the workplace would have been inevitable over the last 50 years for many tradespeople, manual workers and engineers.

What is asbestos and who does it affect?

Asbestos is a fibrous material, widely used in construction, engineering, automotive and shipbuilding industries. When the fibres become airborne, they can be inhaled, which can lead to asbestos related conditions arising many years after exposure.

In the Southwest of England over the last 2 decades, some sectors have been more affected than others. Including shipwrights, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, as well as a significant proportion of the local population who worked in the dockyard.

More women are being diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases now more than previously. Many of them had worked in public buildings such as hospitals or factories, which would have contained asbestos. Or they might have been exposed to asbestos fibres brought into the family home on their partner’s clothing.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms to look out for include shortness of breath, chest pains, reduced stamina, weight loss and hot and cold fevers. A lot of these symptoms are very similar to Covid-19 symptoms. However, if you have ever worked in an environment where asbestos was present, this could potentially be the cause.

How our asbestos expert solicitors can help you

We have brought many successful asbestos claims forward for people who have worked in both local and national industries, such as those within the local dockyard, power stations, train depots, boiler rooms and old factories. If you have ever been in contact with asbestos, then please contact us and we will keep you updated with any developments in this field.

If you have worked with asbestos and have later been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition, then please contact us. Our asbestos experts are here to help you claim for the compensation you require, as well as assisting you with any benefit applications you may be entitled to. Our experts work on a No Win No Fee basis, ensuring there is no risk of you having to pay any costs of representation.

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