Military compensation for hearing loss

Military compensation for hearing loss

Did you know, it is estimated that 300,000 Armed Forces veterans currently suffer from hearing loss because of their exposure to excessive levels of noise whilst serving in the military? This number is for veterans alone, it is unknown how many serving members of the Armed Forces may be suffering.

How do I know if my hearing loss or tinnitus is from working in the forces?

Working in the military can expose you to excessive levels of noise. This can be from mortars, explosions, pyrotechnics, gun and artillery fire, aircraft, and vehicle engines. Even for a short amount of time, exposure to these noises can have a lifelong effect on your hearing. Working with constant background noise from ship engines, ventilation and aircraft noise can also have the same effect.

If you think you have military deafness, here are some questions to consider:

  • When did you first notice your hearing loss/tinnitus?
  • When did it become significant/noticeable in your day-to-day life?
  • When did you first believe that your hearing loss/tinnitus was linked to your exposure to excessive noise?

It is not always easy to answer these questions, and you may feel worried that you cannot give a direct answer, but a good solicitor will be able to work with you to help calculate your likely date of knowledge.

You would then have a 3- year limitation period to pursue a claim.

How can I claim compensation for military deafness?

Whilst being surrounded by loud noise is expected when serving in our Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defence legally owes a duty of care to each and every one of its service personnel.  If this duty of care has been breached – through broken, faulty, ill-fitting, or non-existent hearing protection then you could be entitled to compensation.

We encourage that you make a civil claim against the Ministry of Defence. Settlements achieved through civil claims generally exceed anything awarded through the AFCS or WPS and also allow you to pursue a claim for a number of other possible losses you may have suffered such as – the cost of future hearing aids, loss of earnings and future earnings, loss of pension and a loss of promotion and job opportunities, to name a few.

Claims for hearing loss can also be brought through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) or War Pension Scheme (WPS).

If you, a friend, or someone within your family is believes you may be suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus then Wolferstans may be able to help.

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