Plymouth man secures lifetime support for asbestos-related lung condition

Plymouth man secures lifetime support for asbestos-related lung condition

After instructing experts at Wolferstans Solicitors, a retired former electrician has been awarded a six-figure settlement in provisional damages for the illness his exposure to asbestos at Devonport Dockyard caused. He and his wife can now find peace knowing they will remain financially secure for the rest of their lives.

Back in 2020, Roger fell ill and was diagnosed with a lung condition. The condition caused him to suffer with shortness of breath, a persistent cough and pain in his chest, which severely affected his day-to-day life.

He was left unable to do things he enjoyed most in life, like going out for walks and playing with his grandchildren. Life became very challenging for him, so he decided to look for help.

He found Wolferstans Solicitors and their dedicated team, who were passionate about providing their client with the care and financial security he needed and deserved. During investigations, they found that his lung condition was in fact asbestosis and that it had been caused by his exposure to asbestos whilst he worked at Devonport Dockyard as an electrician, from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Not just a settlement fee…

In addition to securing significant compensation for Roger, Wolferstans strived to ensure he had all the care, comfort, and financial security he needed for the rest of his life.

After visiting Roger at home, his solicitor, Liz Makin, realised the daily struggles he had with parking and walking up to his family home. Roger and his wife had many years of family memories here and didn’t want to have to leave because of his disease. So, the team arranged for the cost of home improvement to form part of the settlement agreement. Roger will have easier access to his family home with a carport, disabled lift and levelled out garden.

The team also helped ensure he received medical aids and equipment to help him cope with the disease. In addition to this, the team succeeded in securing industrial disablement benefit (regular state benefit payments), and a lump sum from the government.

Roger was very worried that his wife would be left with nothing after his passing, but he now has peace of mind that they both will be stable for the remainder of their lives. His case can also be re-opened should he develop a different asbestos related disease, and with the lifetime support of the experts at Wolferstans Solicitors, a claim for further compensation can be made.

Watch the below video to hear what Roger and his wife had to say about the experience with Wolferstans.


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