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When going through any major life changes involving your family, such as moving in with your partner, getting married or divorced, it is essential to protect yourselves and your loved ones with expert legal advice.

Working with our approachable, highly experienced Family Law team can make dealing with these sensitive matters much easier, minimising the potential for conflict while making sure you get the right outcome for you and your family.

Wolferstans has one of the largest teams of family lawyers in the South West, specialising in all aspects of Family Law. We can help you with all types of family matters in a professional and sympathetic way.

Our Family Law team can offer you:

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Our family law fees

All of our family law services are normally provided according to a pre-agreed hourly rate. We offer various hourly rates depending on the level of experience of the person who is doing the work, with VAT added to the hourly rate. The cost will therefore depend on how much time the matter takes and the level of expertise required.

You will be asked to pay an amount up front before the work starts and will then be billed on a monthly basis.

Some clients prefer to pay on an hourly rate basis because they know that they are paying for work actually done on their matter.

Pay as you go family law advice

If you are involved in Court proceedings and would like some advice without us acting for you throughout the proceedings, we can offer you a service where you pay for particular pieces of work.

This might be advice about preparing an application or Court statement, advice about how to prepare for a Court hearing or representation at a particular hearing. We may charge for this either on a Price Certainty or hourly rate basis (as outlined above).

Legal Aid for divorce and family law

Your circumstances may mean you are eligible for Legal Aid. If you would like to provisionally assess your financial eligibility, please click here.

Please also be aware that in many family cases there are now strict evidence requirements for Legal Aid in relation to Domestic Violence or Child Protection. This does not apply to applications for injunctions or applications made by Social Services.

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