How to claim for an accident at work

To be eligible for accident at work compensation, you need to be able to show that your employer failed in their duty of care to provide a safe working environment. You will also need to show that your injuries were caused by the accident

Our approachable, expert accident at work lawyers can guide you through the entire claims process. We will ensure all of the appropriate evidence is gathered to build an effective case and that your case is presented in the best possible way. We will then represent you in negotiations with your employer and during court proceedings where required, giving you the strongest chance of securing fair compensation.

What will happen when I first contact Wolferstans?

When you first contact us about your personal injury claim, we will take a few initial details, such as:

  • The date and location of the accident;
  • How the accident happened;
  • Who else was involved;
  • The injuries you suffered and how they have affected you;
  • Whether there were any witnesses.

When we have this information, we will be able to consider whether we believe you have good prospects of winning your case. This advice will be part of your free initial consultation.

We will then help you to consider potential sources of funding, such as existing protection under your insurance, conditional fee agreements (that are sometimes known as “no win no fee” agreements), or even private funding if you would prefer.

Out-of-court settlements for workplace injury claims

Our accident at work lawyers have strong expertise with negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This means we can almost always secure compensation for workplace injuries with an out-of-court settlement, allowing you to avoid the need for a court hearing in most cases.

Resolving your claim with an out-of-court settlement usually allows you to get compensation faster and avoid the stress and uncertainty of court proceedings,

Where court proceedings are required, we can offer the robust legal representation and compassionate personal support needed to help you navigate the process successfully and give you the best chance of receiving a fair outcome.

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