Asbestos, asthma and other industrial conditions

Asbestos, asthma and other industrial conditions

People are not always born with breathing difficulties, instead a lot of them develop over time after being exposed to irritants that affect our lungs. Irritants can include asbestos as well as chemicals used in certain processes such as spray painting. Other irritants include dust, smoke or fumes in general.

When exposed to asbestos it can be as long as 50 years after exposure before any condition becomes apparent. Industrial asthma can manifest much quicker after the inhalation of toxic fumes or irritants. Asthma typically causes wheezing and shortness of breath which can have a dramatic effect on your lifestyle and being able to do the things you usually do.

Here at Wolferstans we have helped many people in bringing a successful claim against the company that wrongfully exposed them to the irritant(s). Wolferstans have successfully recovered millions of pounds over the years for clients who have been diagnosed with asbestos-related conditions and other industrial diseases.

Although you are currently unable to claim compensation for pleural plaques, which are only a marker of previous exposure to asbestos, if you have been diagnosed with this condition then please contact us and with your permission, we would be more than happy to add you to our database of clients so we can keep you updated regarding any changes in the law. If your condition were to ever develop then we would also have your details to take a claim forward for you.

If you, a friend, or someone within your family, has worked with asbestos or any other irritant or chemical and is suffering from breathlessness, fatigue, a persistent cough or a tight chest, then it is essential that you contact Wolferstans for legal advice. If we are able to accept your claim then we can assist in obtaining the care you require, introduce you to the relevant local support groups as well as secure the financial compensation to which you are entitled.

Wolferstans can also help if you are experiencing hearing difficulties as a result of working in a loud environment. Similarly, if you have developed vibration white finger as a result of using vibrating machinery at work for many years then please contact us for legal advice.

Our dedicated team are happy to visit you at your home and provide free initial advice on all asbestos, respiratory and other industrial related matters.

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