Asbestos and Chemicals in the Workplace

Asbestos and Chemicals in the Workplace

Asbestos has been a cause of breathing difficulties in the South West for many years, due to the prolific use of asbestos up until it was banned in the late 1990s. Asbestos was commonly used within the local dockyard and power stations as well as being a common material which was used by many other professionals such a plumbers, builders and electricians to name a few.

Symptoms of asbestos exposure typically include becoming breathless easily and experiencing fatigue when completing simple tasks, both of which are commonly linked to natural aging however where there has been a history of previous asbestos exposure it is essential to check whether or not these symptoms are related to that previous asbtestos exposure.

Once diagnosed with an asbestos related condition some people can find it hard to discuss their diagnosis or feelings with anyone else and often, they do not know which way to turn. That is where an experienced, specialist solicitor can assist in helping someone with an asbestos related condition.

We can help people once they have been diagnosed to seek the support and assistance that they require, often from people who have been through a similar experience themselves, whilst also assisting with any benefit applications that you may be entitled to claim. This, along with a legal claim, can ensure that compensation is paid to cover the cost of any care or home adaptions that may be required to make day to day living easier following an asbestos related diagnosis.

Breathing problems can also occur if you have been exposed to chemicals or isocyanates in the workplace, instead of asbestos. This can lead to conditions such as industrial asthma, which can also entitle the exposed worker to compensation, and specific benefits.

If you, a friend, or someone within your family, has worked with asbestos or other industrial chemicals and is suffering from breathlessness, fatigue, a persistent cough or a tight chest, then it is essential that you contact a local specialist solicitor who can assist you in obtaining the care you require, support you by introducing you to the relevant local asbestos support groups as well as obtaining you the financial compensation to which you are entitled to ensure that you obtain all the necessary care and help around the home.

Wolferstans Solicitors are a local firm of solicitors that has been helping people in the South West for over 200 years. We are happy to visit you at your home and provide free advice on all asbestos and industrial related matters.

Wolferstans are also pleased to be able to support the South West Mesothelioma Group by sponsoring their 2020 charity calendar which is raising funds for the British Lung Foundation’s Mesothelioma Research Scheme. Calendars can be for purchased for £6.00 with every penny going to the British Lung Foundation to assist with their research into mesothelioma. Please email or call 01752 585537 if you would like to support the group by purchasing one of their fantastic calendars.

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