The Benefits Of Running

The Benefits Of Running

Alongside the well-known benefits of running, which include maintaining a healthy weight and maintaining your cardiovascular fitness, there are some other benefits which are not so well known and these may surprise you.

Research has proved that even just 20 minutes of running can reduce levels of stress and frustration and improve memory and decision-making.

Just 20 minutes of running can reduce stress levels by 29% and increase relaxation levels by up to 18%.

Studies have also shown that employees are happier and more efficient in the workplace on days when they exercise. So, if you ever experience those Monday blues why not lace up and get out for a quick 20-minute run before work or even on your lunch break?

30 minutes of running also helps to regulate blood pressure. It can also improve insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels will come down instantly because the muscles use the glucose or energy during the run.

And it is not just a short-term benefit – 30 minutes of running can boost metabolism for 14 hours.

There are also long term benefits seen when running regularly:

  • After 24 hours you will feel more confident and focussed, more in control and sleep like a baby.
  • After one month you will notice that you have more energy, you will start making smarter choices and maybe even start inspiring others to start exercising.
  • After 1 year you will feel a lot stronger, you will be in high spirits and also look good.
  • After 10 years you will not be overweight, you will have a healthy cardiovascular system, you will have lowered your risk of cancers.
  • After 25 years you will look younger because you will age slower and will also live longer and be happier.

Why not start off small, with a 5km parkrun on a Sunday morning? You can run, jog or walk. Junior parkruns also run weekly at Devonport park and are 2km so why not run, jog or walk the course together?

The Plymouth 5km, and Plymouth Half marathon are all due to take place on 5 September so why not sign up or come and support our Wolfies runners.

Plymouth Coastal Runners TT is a virtual time trial taking place in October along the South West Coast Path. Routes vary each week throughout October with distances varying from 4 miles up to 12 miles with the added bonus of the beautiful scenery the South West Coast Path has to offer so you can take as long as you want to complete the routes, run, jog or walk the choice is yours.

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