Can I still make a Will whilst in self isolation?

Can I still make a Will whilst in self isolation?

Over the last couple of weeks, our Wills and Trusts team have seen an increase in clients who find themselves in self isolation, concerned about their personal affairs and in particular asking us whether we can still help them prepare a Will

Being in self isolation does not mean that you cannot make a new Will, in fact with more time on your hands it is probably a prime opportunity to make a Will – something that you may have been putting off for some time.

Whilst working remotely we have adapted our services to provide telephone and video call appointments for all of our clients. We can arrange a time and date to suit you and can talk through your needs and options for a new Will whilst you remain in the comfort of your own home.

We can send you draft documents by email or in the post and remain available on the phone throughout the process to answer any queries that you may have.

Whilst we can offer more flexibility when taking Will instructions, the core principles of Will making remain the same in that you must be able to demonstrate to us that you have capacity and understanding sufficient to make a Will.

Before speaking with us about a new Will we would encourage you to:

1. Identify whether you have already made a Will and if so, have a copy of it available to discuss during our appointment. 2. Think about the contents of your new Will carefully, who you would like to name as beneficiaries in it and what the nature of the gift that you would like to give to them is? 3. Make a list of your assets so that we can have a clear discussion about your estate. 4. Be prepared with full names of beneficiaries and addresses where appropriate.

Once you have approved your Will, we will provide you with clear guidance on how the Will needs to be signed and witnessed. When the Will is returned to us we will review it carefully to check that it has been correctly executed. Finally, once this period of social distancing has ended, we will endeavour to meet with you to discuss the Will that you have made to check that it remains suitable for your needs.

If you are self isolating, our message is clear, we can help you prepare a new Will as we are still here for you when you need us.

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