Charity Blog: Hugs From Henry – Part 2

Charity Blog: Hugs From Henry – Part 2

A talk with Henry Hallam from Hugs From Henry.

Helena Campbell recently met with little Henry Hallam to hear all about his account of his neuroblastoma journey and how he helps Hugs From Henry. A light hearted account through the eyes of a nine year old.

1. Hello Henry, can you tell me a little bit about you?

I am Henry, I am nine years old and I go to Oreston Academy. I am very cheeky.

2. What do you remember about your neuroblastoma story?

I remember lots of drips and I really do not like needles. I was so cheeky, I used to call the nurses “honey”! I watched a lot of Curious George when I was little.

My hair all fell out but when it grew back, it was really curly. I felt sad and it was a big nightmare every night. I really remember all my scans, which were really dark.

3. My daughter had to have some scans too, and is really scared of them.

Well tell her that I will talk to her about it at school, they aren’t scary any more, and Hugs From Henry have put Roald Dahl story books into the headphones at Bristol Children’s Hospital now so I don’t have to go to sleep for scans any more.

4. What did you eat in hospital?

I couldn’t eat very much but I remember mum getting me burgers to try and help me eat more.

5. How do you find school?

I try to do everything I can. I am really brave at school (Henry started a year later). I had a drama therapist called Kay who was amazing, and now I have counselling at school. I do enjoy being at school.

6. How does Hugs From Henry make you feel?

It is beautiful and it feels like home.

I like trying to help poorly children and try really hard. My best friend has just relapsed for the third time.

7. What are you favourite parts of the charity?

I really enjoy being a money minion. When I was little I had a minion costume and I still wear it and shake buckets to raise money.

I love coming up with fundraising ideas to help raise money for Hugs From Henry.

To find out more about Henry’s journey and Hugs From Henry, please visit their website.

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