Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer

Almost 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. This September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, aimed at raising awareness of the disease, and the impact it has on the patients and their families.

Whilst childhood cancer is rare, and Britain has the lowest childhood cancer rate in Europe, 10 children a day will receive a diagnosis of cancer, the most common form of which is leukaemia, which accounts for almost one third of cases. Cancers of the brain and spinal cord are the next most common, accounting for one quarter of all cases.

There have been positive advancements and dramatic improvements in the outlook for children diagnosed with cancer. Fifty years ago, three quarters of children diagnosed with cancer sadly died. Today, more than three quarters survive although tragically around 250 children, ages 0-14 years, still lose their lives to cancer every year in the UK. In addition, around 50 young adult’s ages 15-19 years die every year from cancers diagnosed before their fifteenth birthday.

Sadly, cancer is still the most common medical cause of death beyond infancy in children and young people in the UK.

At Wolferstans we understand how distressing it can be receiving the heartbreaking news that your child has cancer and have been instructed by families who have been affected by a delay in diagnosis of their child’s cancer. We have provided support and advice during a difficult time, and understand the full impact that the disease can have in terms of the physical challenges, as well as the emotional and financial strain.

The aim of the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is to both raise the profile of the disease, and to raise vital funds to help more families stay together, play together and enjoy life together after a childhood cancer diagnosis.

If you or any members of your family have experienced a delay in diagnosis of any form of cancer, or have concerns about the treatment you have received and you would like to receive free independent legal advice, without any obligation, please contact Ann Ball on 01752 292374 or e-mail

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