Covid-19: The impact on child arrangements

Covid-19: The impact on child arrangements

In light of the government announcements, people are being asked to refrain from social contact and isolation remains the key focus during this time. If you have an arrangement in place for your children, the current situation may cause difficulty in managing these arrangements or maintaining the status quo.

If there is a Court Order in place, then this should be adhered to wherever possible. If this isn’t possible then you will need to liaise with the other parent about current and future arrangements especially if schools are closed.

Communication will be key during this time. It is likely that home learning will be in place going forward, and although there may be online teaching and work provided by schools, children will need the support of their parents to guide them through their studies. It will be important to think about how best to make this work for your family. Perhaps you or the other parent has the ability to work from home and may as a result be able to have the children when the other is unable to do so. Flexibility is key, particularly when we won’t be able to rely on grandparents so heavily, or maybe at all.

If one parent is unable to see their children because of self-isolation for example, then technology is a great way to ensure contact is maintained through video messages or calls via Facetime which could temporarily take place instead of face to face contact. Working out what is best for the children should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

With the government advising that there should be no unnecessary travel at this time, you will need to think very carefully about plans you may have made. As always, parents should liaise with one another over any holiday plans, even if you are holidaying within the UK.

If you are finding it difficult to reach an agreement about your children, the family team at Wolferstans can advise and support you and your family.

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