Covid-19: Advice for the vulnerable

Covid-19: Advice for the vulnerable

Wolferstans Solicitors are continuing to provide legal services to all our existing clients as well as assisting and accepting new clients during these turbulent times of self-isolation.

There are categories of the population who should be self-isolating in order to protect the most vulnerable in society, local residents that unfortunately already suffer from lung conditions such as an asbestos related condition, lung cancer, fibrosis or even asthma are an example. The vulnerable category are people that tend to be slightly older, and therefore the thought of having to go into an office to start a legal claim, or continue with their case, can be a little daunting.

If you have a respiratory condition caused by work or if you have been injured in an accident, then any crisis such as Covid-19 can make your life very difficult. If you are unable to work and pay your bills it is important that you have a legal team that can ensure your claim is not unnecessarily delayed. If you are fragile and vulnerable, then you understandably could be concerned about leaving your home.

During this period of un-certainty, we understand how important it is for your case to be progressed and at Wolferstans Solicitors we have procedures in place to ensure that you can continue to be represented. We have been developing a paper light office for many years which enables us to continue to work on your case. All our solicitors and legal staff are able to work for you remotely to ensure that your claim is progressed swiftly, and any delays caused by Covid-19 are minimised.

We would like to reassure all our clients that we are taking every measure possible in line with government guidance to ensure minimal disruption amid these challenging times. Our priorities remain to keep our staff and clients safe, reduce risk of infection and continue to progress matters for our clients.

If you have any concerns about your ongoing case, or if you would like Wolferstans to takeover the conduct of your current case with another firm that is no longer able to offer you the service you require, then contact us on 01752 292360 or

See below for guidance from the Public Health England regarding the symptoms of Covid-19 and the appropriate action to take if someone in your family gets sick.

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