Dockyard worker? Exposed to Asbestos?

Dockyard worker? Exposed to Asbestos?

Time for bringing claims for US asbestos exposure is running out.

It is well known that employees who have contracted an asbestos related illness through exposure to asbestos at work can pursue a claim against their employer, but did you know that in some circumstances it is also possible to pursue a further claim in the United States?

Former Dockyard employees, and those who served in the Royal Navy up until the mid 1970s could be entitled to compensation from trust funds which have been set up in the USA. These trust funds have been set up to pay compensation to those who may have been exposed to asbestos whilst serving/working aboard ships such as the Ark Royal, HMS Eagle and HMS Bulwark amongst others, which had US components onboard containing asbestos. If you are suffering from mesothelioma or asbestos related lung cancer and worked on a ship with American parts then we can submit claims to the trust on your behalf.

A cut off date has now been set for pursuing these US claims, and this is set to expire on 10 March 2019. After this date, no further cases will be accepted.

Wolferstans solicitors are specialists at running all asbestos related cases due to their prominence in the local community, their local knowledge of the Dockyard and the excessive historical use of asbestos within the South West which has resulted in hundreds of successful cases being brought forward.

If you, a friend, or someone within your family worked at the dockyard and was exposed to any asbestos at all then we can check for free to see if there is a potential claim, either in the UK or through the American trust funds. We can also help if they are suffering from breathlessness, fatigue, a persistent cough or a tight chest, following any previous employments where asbestos was present. It is essential that you contact a local specialist solicitor who can assist you in obtaining the care you require, support you by introducing you to the relevant local asbestos support groups as well as obtaining you the financial compensation to which you are entitled.

Wolferstans Solicitors are a local firm of solicitors that has been helping people in the South West for over 200 years. We can be contacted on 01752 663295 and are happy to visit you at your home and provide free advice on all asbestos and industrial related matters. More information is available on our Asbestos page.

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