Donate your preloved books to help our local schools

Donate your preloved books to help our local schools

One in eight schools in the UK do not have a library and children in areas of deprivation are twice as likely to not have access to a library.

Plymouth is one of the lowest funded cities in the country and several of our schools are home to some very deprived children. The schools have very limited access, if any, to reading literature and as such, the children’s ability to read for fun is at a minimum. As a result, the children’s reading and writing skills, enjoyment of reading and overall academic achievement suffers massively.

It is not currently compulsory for schools to have a library. This may not seem daunting to those of you who have books at home, however many children are not so fortunate. Therefore, their only way of developing reading and writing skills are at school. Here at Wolferstans, we recognise this as a massive flaw in our community and would like to help raise vital funds to give the children of Plymouth the opportunity to develop their education.

This year, we have chosen three inner-city schools we will be raising funds for to help increase their reading resources. Our goal for March is to provide a wide range of children’s books to each school. March marks World Book Day and what better time to raise awareness to our fundraising!

So, what will we be doing?

We have purchased bundles of brand-new children’s reading books to give to each school. We have also reached out to book sellers to see if they would like to donate, of which ‘World of Books’ very kindly donated an amazing selection of books.

The incredible staff we have here in the firm have kindly donated a vast array of preloved children’s books from their homes.

And now we are asking you, members of the public, if you would like to help raise vital funds for local schools, please donate any preloved children’s books. You can bring them to any of our offices in Plymouth, Plympton of Plymstock.

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