Elmer’s Big Parade

Elmer’s Big Parade

What is Elmer’s Big Parade?

Our Charity of the Year, St Luke’s Hospice are working in partnership with Wild in Art and Andersen Press to bring Elmer’s Big Parade to Plymouth. Where a parade of 40 uniquely decorated elephant sculptures will be taking members of the public on a trail of the city and it’s surrounding areas for 10 weeks in the summer.

At the end of the Summer, St Luke’s will be auctioning the sculptures with the funds raised being used to continue providing outstanding passionate care.

Why elephants?

Elephants are renowned for never forgetting. St Luke’s Hospice would like to use this campaign as an opportunity to create lasting memories and make a real difference to their patients. Elmer, a well known character in children’s books, will be parading with other sculptures for members of the public, locals and tourists to trail the beautiful city of Plymouth.

Why are Wolferstans involved?

We are proud to be sponsors of Elmer’s Big Parade, supporting the project and helping make a difference in our community. We believe this project will not only bring fun and excitement to our city but also raise awareness and hopefully an incredible amount of funds for the incredible charity, St Luke’s Hospice.

All sponsors of the project have their own uniquely designed elephant sculpture which has been created by local or national artists. We had the pleasure of inviting our artist, Mik Richardson, down to Plymouth for a couple of days where we got to visit him at the Herd HQ whilst he hand painted our sculpture. All designs will be revealed when the trail goes live however, we have been giving our social media followers clues through out the build up to the big day! Have you guessed what it might be yet?!

To find out more information about Elmer’s Big Parade and how you can get involved with the project, please visit the Elmer Plymouth website.

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