Did you work with ex-British Gas worker Des Winters between 1952-1989?

Did you work with ex-British Gas worker Des Winters between 1952-1989?

The family of ex-British Gas worker Des Winters would like to trace his former colleagues from Plymouth Gasworks, and/or British Gas Southwest Corporation who might also have been exposed to asbestos whilst working alongside their loved one.

Des sadly died in December 2019. He was diagnosed with pleural thickening (an asbestos related disease) during his lifetime and, after his death, fibrosis of the lungs as a result of asbestos exposure (asbestosis) was also discovered.

His exposure to asbestos dust occurred during his employment with British Gas when he was employed as a brush hand at the Plymouth Gasworks in Keyham/Devonport between 1952 and 1958 and then when he was employed as a gas worker for British Gas Southwest Corporation, also known as GloGas, at Cattedown between 1969 and 1989. Des worked for many years at the Oreston gasworks, which he described as being a “ghost station”, only operational for back-up supply.

Before he died, he explained that, although newer stations might have had better safety procedures and did not use asbestos, the Oreston gas works was riddled with the potentially deadly substance and little was done to protect him.

The dangers of asbestos dust were known to his employers (a large nationalised industry) and they should have done far more to prevent him breathing it in.

We would be grateful to hear from any former gas workers who worked at these sites and recall being exposed to asbestos, particularly if they remember Des, so that we might help his family seek justice.

Please contact Layla Batchelor of Wolferstans Solicitors Specialist Asbestos Team on 01752 292235.

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