Flexible Furloughing and the Cut Off Date

Flexible Furloughing and the Cut Off Date

As you are likely to be aware, the Government are introducing a new concept of flexible furloughing with effect from 1 July. From that date, employees will be able to return on a part-time basis and still receive furlough pay for the days they are not working.

Further detail is set to be released on 12 June 2020, but for now, the Government have produced a helpful Fact sheet, including confirmation that the Furlough Scheme will not be available for employees who have not been furloughed for at least three weeks by 30 June 2020, meaning that an employee must have commenced at least one period of furlough leave by 10 June 2020 for their employer to be able to claim the grant for their wages.

My advice is to start consulting with your employees over their return now. Any such consultation should include sharing your risk assessment and ensuring employees are aware of the measures you have in place to avoid the risk of infection. You will need your employees agreement to return on a part-time basis and any such agreement must be confirmed in writing.


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