Headway The UK’s Leading Brain Injury Charity

Headway The UK’s Leading Brain Injury Charity

Wolferstans are proud to be supporting Action for Brain Injury this week. One of the charities supporting this campaign is Headway.

Headway – the UK’s leading brain injury charity – provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their families and carers, as well as to professionals in the health and legal fields. It has more than 100 groups and branches throughout the UK.

At Headway, people use insight and care to help survivors regain some quality of life through a wide range of services, including rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care.

On a national level, Headway provides a range of frontline services to help those affected by brain injury, including:

  • a freephone helpline (0808 800 2244, helpline@headway.org.uk);
  • a comprehensive award-winning website containing information and factsheets on all aspects of brain injury (www.headway.org.uk);
  • an award-winning range of booklets and publications designed to help people understand and cope with the effects of brain injury;
  • an emergency fund to assist people dealing with the financial implications in the immediate aftermath of a brain injury;
  • Headway Acute Trauma Support (HATS) nurses to support families whose loved ones are in the acute stage of care following brain injury;
  • a network of more than 125 groups and branches that provide physical, cognitive and social rehabilitation and support to individuals and families;
  • a directory of approved residential homes, rehabilitation units and respite facilities specialising in ABI.

The charity also lobbies for better support and resources to be made available to people affected by brain injury and works to raise awareness of brain injury and the devastating effects it can have.

Wolferstans are once again proud to be taking part in the annual Headway appeal: Hats for Headway and we will be donning our wackiest hats to help support this fantastic charity.

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