Injured in civvy street whilst serving?

Injured in civvy street whilst serving?

We all know that life in the military can be dangerous, not only in combat, but also in training situations and in normal work life due to the additional challenges and unpredictable surroundings.

We will always advise that those sustaining injuries in service should seek advice from a solicitor who specialises in military injuries. These types of claim can be complex and often require a level of skill gained only through experience of military claims.

But what about an injury sustained in civvy street while you’re serving? A road traffic accident or a slip, trip or fall for example.

If you are serving in the Armed Forces and sustain an injury in civvy street at any time, we advise that you still take advice from a solicitor who is experienced in military claims.

This may sound odd, but even the smallest of injuries could result in a service person being medically downgraded. After time, perhaps that medical downgrade could lead to a medical board of survey and discharge from the service.

At Wolferstans, we have a personal injury team experienced in injury claims for military personnel. We understand the financial losses you may suffer as a result of your injury including:

  • Loss of earnings;
  • Loss of separation pay or specialist pay;
  • Loss of pension;
  • Delay or loss of promotion prospects;
  • Subsidised housing costs; and,
  • Loss of service benefits including, dental care, gym memberships and prescription charges.

If your injuries are physical, you are likely to receive treatment and rehabilitation through the military medical centres. But what happens if you are medically discharged? Depending on the severity of your injury, bringing a personal injury claim could help pay for ongoing associated costs such as specialist equipment, or private physiotherapy.

Injuries sustained in civvy street that are unrelated to your military career are unlikely to be compensated under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

Just like any claim, there are time limits. Civil personal injury claims need to be bought within three years of the injury and there is considerable work your solicitor would need to do before a claim can be bought so do not delay in getting in touch.

Our military injury solicitors can advise you on your right to claim and the process for doing so. We want you to get the full compensation available, so you can rebuild your life and move on as soon as possible.

We offer “No Win, No Fee” claims, meaning there is usually no upfront cost or financial risk for starting a claim. We also offer free initial consultation, so we can talk through your situation with you and give clear, practical advice about whether we believe your claim merits further investigation and how the claims process works.

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