Make a Will Week 2021

Make a Will Week 2021

Between 8-12 November 2021, we will be running our Make a Will Week campaign. Our solicitors will be giving up their time to assist new and existing clients in preparing or updating their Wills. All we ask is for our clients to make a suggested donation of £200 (for a standard single Will) to our Charity of the year, Improving Lives Plymouth.

Five reasons why making a Will is so important:

1. A Will ensures that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes. If you die without leaving a Will, or leaving an invalid Will, your estate will pass by intestacy which can be a complex process and may mean that your estate passes to estranged family members;

2. In your Will you can appoint Guardians to care for your minor children should those with parental responsibility die before the children reach the age of 18. This allows you to choose who would be responsible for your children, rather than someone making that difficult decision for you, once you have died;

3. You can decide who you wish to deal with your estate on your death. In your Will, you can appoint executors who are responsible for collecting in assets, paying any debts and distributing your estate in accordance with your Will. You can ensure that this person is someone who is honest and trustworthy. If you die without a Will, the law sets out who should deal with your affairs and similarly to above, estranged family members may be appointed to administer your estate on your death;

4. You can include specific gifts of items or money in your Will to whoever you wish, such as family members, friends, and charities. These gifts are legally binding and your executor is responsible for ensuring that the beneficiary receives the gift. Without a Will, you would not be able to ensure that your items, such as personal belongings, are passed to the relevant beneficiary;

5. As long as you have the capacity to do so, you can change your Will as many times as you wish. This allows flexibility and can reflect any wishes which may change during your life time.

How will your donation help Improving Lives Plymouth?

As a local independent charity, Improving Lives Plymouth has been delivering health and social care support to vulnerable people across Plymouth continuously since 1907. Their aim is simple – to improve the lives of people living in Plymouth.

At present they work with people who have a learning disability, people with a sensory impairment, a physical disability, autism or a mental health need. They support adult carers, young adult carers, older people and have a specialist service for Veterans and their families. They also deliver specialist Advice and Information services for the city.

As a charity, Improving Lives Plymouth relies on a mix of fundraising, grants and some public sector commissioning however always struggle to fully meet the needs of people accessing their services. By instructing us to make your Will during our Make a Will Week, you will not only be protecting your family’s future, but your donation will ensure the charity remain a truly independent, sustainable organisation into the future also.

If you are kind enough to leave a legacy for Improving Lives Plymouth in your Will, this is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can help support their work. Thanks to the generosity of legacies to the charity in the past, they have been able to bring their new premises in the Mannamead area of Plymouth, to full use.

If you are interested in making or updating a Will and would like to do this during our Make a Will Week (8-12 November 2021) then please contact our Client Services team on 01752 292201 or to book an appointment quoting ‘Make a Will Week 2021’.

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