Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

In light of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, we recently caught up with Dan Silver, the founder of Dash of Silver, who has provided the first of our #CharityBlog series.

“April is a month that is very sentimental to me and also to the charity, as it is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

There is a whole month dedicated to Testicular Cancer. Yes they say if you are diagnosed with Testicular Cancer early, there is a high success rate of cure at approximately 98.2 % but for me, and the charity, we are more concerned about the other 1.8%. It might not sound much, but that is a very big figure and we as a team will do everything we can to prevent the figure appearing.

You are advised to do a self-examination at least once a month to see if you have any swelling or discomfort, but I personally, think you should do self-examination more regularly. How regular? Well, I would say examine yourself every-time you take a shower, and look for any swelling or discomfort. It may seem extreme, to self examine daily, but trust me, if I did all that back in 2009, I’m 100% sure they would’ve detected something sinister earlier and prevent being told it’s life threatening.

It’s not all about self examination though, its about male pride, about going to see your doctor and expressing your fears as I knew my pride got in the way and I let the problem escalate into something more serious. Don’t be afraid, as people are there to support you through everything. So please do self examination more regularly and we can prevent Testicular Cancer increasing. Cancer doesn’t care how old you are or how healthy you are, it will strike at any time, so we all are in this fight together. I still to this day, do regular self examinations, so if I can do, so can you.”

For self-examination cards or more information on Dash of Silver and the incredible work they do, please visit: https://dashofsilver.co.uk/

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