£20,000 in damages recovered following a stillbirth

£20,000 in damages recovered following a stillbirth

Miss M, aged 24 at the time of the incident, tragically lost her baby after receiving negligent treatment under the care of the Defendant Hospital in January 2011.

After falling pregnant in July 2010, Miss M underwent two antenatal scans, one at three months and another at five months both of which revealed a healthy fetus that was developing well.

In early January 2011 Miss M began experiencing excruciating pain in her stomach and was admitted to the Defendant Hospital. Despite raising with the Hospital the possibly that she had developed a urinary tract infection (UTI), Miss M was only given painkillers and no further tests were performed. She was discharged the following day.

A few days later the pain had not subsided and Miss M was again admitted to the Defendant Hospital.

At 10am the following day Miss Ml’s waters broke and she went into premature labour (at six months and five days). She was seen by a Consultant Obstetrician who was satisfied that the baby was not in distress and suggested that they should delay delivery for as long as possible. Because of the pain that Miss M was in she was administered an injection of morphine to which she reacted badly causing the baby’s heart rate to drop dramatically and she was given an injection to reverse the effects of the morphine.

At 8pm two new midwives assumed conduct of Miss M’s care and she was reviewed hourly by one of the midwives.

At 00.30 on 9 January 2011 one of the midwives checked the CTG and was unable to detect the baby’s heart rate. An ultrasound was performed which revealed that the heard had stopped and the baby was subsequently stillborn.

A hospital post mortem was performed which revealed the baby was suffering from an infection and had died at approximately 10.30pm on 8 January 2011.

Wolferstans investigated this claim under a Conditonal Fee Agreement and after obtaining a supportive report from a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, we submitted a Letter of Claim to the Defendant alleging negligence on their part.

The Defendant Hospital admitted breach of duty of care and went on to admit that the baby should have been born by 18.00 hours and that had he been born by this time, he would have been alive. They were however guarded as to the baby’s prognosis as he was premature and likely to have been born infected given evidence of congenital pneumonia at post-mortem.

The Defendant Hospital made an offer and following negotiations a settlement was reached in the sum of £20,000.00 compensating Miss Ml for the pain and suffering she experienced due to the negligence of the Defendant.

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