Elizabeth Smith Accredited by AvMA and Joins Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel

Elizabeth Smith Accredited by AvMA and Joins Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel

Wolferstans Solicitors is delighted to announce that our Head of Medical Negligence and Personal Injury, Elizabeth Smith, has been accredited by Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and has joined their Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel.

What is AvMA and What Does the Accreditation Mean?

AvMA – Action Against Medical Accidents – is the UK’s leading charity for patient safety and justice. Liz’s prestigious accreditation is a testament to her outstanding expertise, dedication, and commitment to advocating for those who have suffered due to medical negligence. Liz’s inclusion in the panel reinforces her status as a leading authority in medical negligence law, and it reflects Wolferstans’ dedication to providing excellent legal representation.

How This Benefits Our Clients

Being part of the AvMA Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel signifies that Liz has met the highest standards of knowledge and experience in this complex field. For our clients, this translates to:

  • Expert Legal Representation

    Liz’s extensive experience and AvMA accreditation bolster our team’s ability to handle complex medical negligence cases effectively, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

  • Enhanced Credibility

    AvMA’s accreditation acknowledges our firm’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of legal practice, providing clients with added assurance of our credibility and expertise.

  • Access to Specialist Resources

    Liz’s accreditation expands our network of medical and legal experts, enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive support and build strong cases that ensure justice and financial security for our clients.

Elizabeth’s Dedication to Her Clients

Elizabeth's dedication to her clients is exemplified by cases like Megan's. Born with cerebral palsy due to negligent care, Megan's story underscores the critical need for improved maternity practices. Elizabeth and our team fought tirelessly for Megan and her family and secured over £15 million to ensure Megan's lifelong care and support.

A Milestone for Elizabeth Smith and Wolferstans Solicitors

At Wolferstans Solicitors, we believe that every client deserves the best possible legal representation. Elizabeth’s accreditation by AvMA is a testament to our commitment to providing just that. We are proud to have her as a pivotal member of our team, championing the cause of those affected by medical negligence and striving for justice on their behalf.

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