#CharityBlog – Men’s Health Week

#CharityBlog – Men’s Health Week

Today marks the start of Men's Health Week and we thought it would be a great time to catch up with the incredible Dan Silver of Dash of Silver. For those of you who don't know Dan, Dan is the founder of Dash of Silver - a male cancer awareness charity, which he set up to help men battling cancer, after fighting his own battle. Here's what Dan had to say.

“I always believe that Cancer can affect us all, whether it’s personally, socially, physically or even emotionally, but if you combine all four together, for one person that is a huge damaging effect on their mental wellbeing.

I for one, have always had the belief that if you have something worth fighting for in your life whether it’s love, work, friendship or even pride, you fight for it or you might as well give up, but to give up, you must fight twice as hard.

For me battling cancer was the toughest battle of my life, as it affected my mental wellbeing throughout and still continues to today, almost twelve years to the day I was told I had cancer. There were moments through my battle where I thought ‘Damn, I can’t take this anymore’ as it was affecting me mentally. Yes, I was battling cancer, having the toughest battle of my life, having my body ache from head to toe, I could take all of that, but mentally I was frazzled.

On the outside we all look strong and tough, but on the inside it’s so much different. We all go through different traumas in life, and it all affects us differently.

I still wake up now and think back to when I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and think ‘Could I have done something different?.. Why did it happen to me??… What did I do to deserve this???’

As we approach Men’s Health Week, please do not be judgemental of a work colleague whom from time to time work standard’s drop, or a friend or family member whose self esteem is very low, as these people need our love, support and most importantly understanding.

Mental Health is there always but with each other’s love and support we can combat it all.’

Please stay safe, Mr Dash”

To find out more about the inspiring work Dan and his charity does for men battling against cancer, please visit their website: https://dashofsilver.co.uk/.

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