#LetsPlayBall – check yourself this Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

#LetsPlayBall – check yourself this Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

It’sTesticular Cancer Awareness Month and the Medical Negligence team here atWolferstans are very proud to support Dash of Silver, a charity dedicated tohelping men who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

In males in theUK, testicular cancer is the 17th most common cancer with around2,400 men each year being diagnosed, and it is the most common cancer of menaged 15-49 years old.

Survival rateshave been rising each year since the 1970s and almost all men in Englanddiagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-49 years old, survive their diagnosis.In the UK, 9 in 10 men overall survive this disease.

Earlyprevention is key!

How to carryout a self-examination as explained by Macmillan:

- Holdyour scrotum in the palm of your hand.

- Useyour fingers and thumb to examine each testicle. You should feel for:        · Lumpsor swellings    · Anythingyou’re unsure about or feels unusual    · Anydifferences between your testicles.

Remember, it isvery normal for testicles to be slightly different in size and it is alsonormal for one to hang lower than the other. A normal testicle should feelsmooth and firm, not hard.

The tube thatcarries sperm is behind the top of each testicle. This will feel like a soft,coiled tube. It is common to get harmless cysts or benign lumps here.

Check yourselfregularly to get to know what feels normal for you.

If you noticeanything at all, speak to your GP as soon as you can. Doctors are used todealing with problems like this and if you don’t want to see your GP for this,you can always go to your local sexual health clinic.

Dash ofSilver! #LetsPlayBall

Dan Silverfounded Dash of Silver after his own battle with Testicular Cancer back in July2009. The main aims of the charity are to create more awareness for TesticularCancer, to promote the importance of self-examination and to provide thenecessary support for men with cancer. 

Dash of Silveralso support Testicular Cancer patients in Derriford Hospital with self-carepacks to help patients through their journey. The packs include, a Kindle, avoucher for M&S food whilst having Chemotherapy, some fluffy socks andother cosy items. They have recently moved this initiative into Cornwall tohelp more people with their diagnosis and treatment.

Quote fromDan Silver (founder of Dash of Silver):

“I came acrossa quote that said, ‘there are two most important days in your life, the day youwere born and the day you realise why’. To me, that’s very personal as I wasborn on the 8th of May 1980 and the day, I realised why I was born,was the 24th July 2009. That day will always play the most importantmoment of my life, as I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Up until thatday, I lived a happy go lucky type of life, I had no cares in the world, but mylife soon changed. I am the first to admit that I never ever self-examined myselfuntil that day and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Self-examinationis so important to me and many other people as early detection can prevent Cancer.

To wake upevery day and know that I have a Charity named after myself makes me feel veryhumble, but it’s not about me, it’s about everyone else. The charity has raisedover £100,000 for Testicular Cancer Awareness and we have supported over 70males here in Plymouth. We have recently launched into Cornwall to startsupporting patients there too. Without all of your support, this could neverhappen.

So please, keepexamining and if you have any issues, please get it checked out!”

Find more aboutDan’s story here.

Or read more about the charity here.

Statistics fromCancer Research UK*

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