Inspiring ex-submariner uses compensation to help other heroes

Inspiring ex-submariner uses compensation to help other heroes

In 2017, David Jones approached Wolferstans Solicitors to pursue a claim for clinical negligence following years of undiagnosed and untreated Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After reaching a successful claim, David plans to use his compensation to offer other heroes a unique gift.

David’s claim for clinical negligence following his untreated and undiagnosed PTSD

Pursuing a claim and involving yourself in the litigation process is stressful enough for any client. Which we, as lawyers, try our very best to minimise. However, for David and other clients who suffer a psychological injury, there is the unavoidable telling and retelling of events, as well as recovering from the injury itself, attempting to rebuild your life and managing the curve balls it throws at you.

This year, we were truly thrilled to successfully settle David’s claim. Like most clinical negligence claims, it was incredibly complex. We know that the 5 years of uncertainty for David were hard for him. We hoped he could put his experiences behind him and look forward to the next chapter of his life; and David was ready for that next chapter.

Adventures with Maggie – a road trip to remember

After facing the many challenges that come with adjusting to civilian life, one day, David saw an advert for an old American school bus that was for sale. He immediately fell in love with the idea of converting the bus into a campervan. He decided to use his compensation to buy and convert the van and offer it out to other ex-service members, allowing them the opportunity to take a break from the troubles and challenges they face following their life in service.

David named the bus (also known as a Skoolie) ‘Maggie’. A wonderful tribute to his late mother who sadly passed away on her 60th Birthday, only a week after David’s discharge from service.

David proposes to convert the bus into a campervan by Spring 2023 and be ready to launch the adventures to guests by Summer 2023. He will be offering road trips away on the bus, including fully stocked supplies including essential food items, maps and even a complimentary bottle of bubbles.

David says, “It’s my small way to give back in the same manner in which I was supported through such charitable causes during my own struggles, in particular, Help for Heroes, Building Heroes Project and the amazing work that Turn to Starboard do for which I’m truly thankful for”.

David will be working with the various charities, who will all collaborate within the Armed Forces community to identify those who would benefit from such a unique gift.

We will be following David on this amazing journey and hope to check in with him once Maggie is up and running. In David’s own words: “Put simply, Maggie just makes me smile when I see her and I’m sure she will make others smile the same way, when they embark on their little adventures in the future”.

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