Molly’s Journey: From Paralegal to Trainee Solicitor at Wolferstans – Part 1

Molly’s Journey: From Paralegal to Trainee Solicitor at Wolferstans – Part 1

Welcome to the beginning of my training contract journey with Wolferstans, a chapter that has prompted me to take a step back and reflect on the path that brought me here. Join me in this first blog post as I recount my experiences and lessons learned.

Following university, obtaining a training contract is daunting, and I definitely felt out of my depth. I decided that securing a job as a paralegal would enable me to develop invaluable skills that I knew I would need as a trainee but did not yet have. Working as a paralegal taught me how to navigate the Court process, build my client care skills and understand the inner workings of a law firm in practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a paralegal within the family team at Wolferstans. I learnt how to manage a busy workload and provide support to clients who were experiencing difficult circumstances. I assisted with various files, keeping track of what needed to be done and when. I could understand the legal framework of family proceedings and work on Court applications, instructions to counsel and client statements. I quickly learnt that Wolferstans had a great community feel, and I knew I wanted to carry on with my career journey here.

I then applied for a training contract with Wolferstans. The application process was simple to navigate and prepare for. It consisted of a detailed cover letter of my skills and explanation of why I believed I was a good fit for the job of a trainee and an employee within the wider Wolferstans community. I also prepared for a presentation style interview.

My first seat within my training contract is in the family department. As a trainee I will have a much more hands on approach when it comes to my daily tasks. There is an expectation of slightly more responsibility when it comes to client matters and managing client’s needs. As a trainee, it is great to attend Court and prepare for hearings on a more regular basis. This is a great way to understand the work of a solicitor behind the scenes and how it relates to a Court hearing.

I will also be completing my SQE studies alongside my training contract. I will have to navigate the balance between working and scheduling in time to study each week.

As a trainee at Wolferstans, I will also be engaging in networking opportunities and assisting with the general marketing and community outreach of the firm. Trainees are encouraged to get involved with various tasks and events throughout the two training years. For example, I am assisting alongside Ikra, a trainee within our Commercial Property department, with University Careers Fairs. Trainees also meet regularly and attend socials which is a great way to develop work-based friendships - our next social is an evening at Cosy Club for some food and a chance to catch up outside of work.

I am excited to see where the next 2 years will take me and feel grateful to be training within such a great firm! Stay tuned for my next blog post.

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