National Diabetes Week 2017

National Diabetes Week 2017

Whilst many people in the UK are aware of diabetes and how to manage it, there are many who are not receiving appropriate help or support.

Many people die prematurely from the condition and many more can face life-changing complications which could possibly have been avoided or delayed if they had received the right support and medical treatment.

Diabetes Week is an annual campaign run by Diabetes UK and is designed to raise awareness about the condition. This year, Diabetes Week runs from 11 to 17 June and the theme is ‘Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes’, focusing on telling the truth about diabetes, busting myths and challenging stereotypes.

There are various treatments available to help someone manage their diabetes, whether that be Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, but without the correct treatment the condition can cause serious, potentially life-threatening complications.

According to research carried out by Diabetes UK, a significant number of patients with diabetes are not receiving appropriate checks or advice about the risks diabetes poses to their limbs, particularly their feet, which could be putting them at increased risk of amputation.

In recent years Wolferstans have seen an increase in claims relating to poor diabetic care resulting in significant injuries. One client contacted Wolferstans after having to undergo an amputation of his right leg following a fall from a ladder. He also lost the toes on his left foot. Our investigations showed that the hospital had failed to adequately monitor the wound on his heel, despite him suffering from poorly controlled diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, leading to the development of infected ulcers and the need for an amputation. We successfully recovered over £150,000 in damages.

An amputation is a serious and often life changing experience and our team of specialist lawyers fully understand the difficulties associated with adjusting to life without a limb or extremity, and how it may mean relearning how to perform day-to-day tasks.

We understand that bringing a clinical negligence claim is not just about compensation; it’s about obtaining the practical support you need after your injury, giving you the best possible chance of living an active, able and fulfilling life.

Our Solicitors in the Medical Negligence Team at Wolferstans have represented a wealth of clients who have found themselves in the unfortunate position of suffering complications directly as a result of negligent treatment.

If you or a member of your family have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence and you would like to receive some free initial legal advice, without obligation, please contact Jodie O’Connor on 01752 292360 or email her at jo’

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