National Pathology Week

National Pathology Week

National Pathology Week, which runs from 7 to 13 November 2016, is a celebration of pathology and the important contribution pathologists make to healthcare in terms of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

This year’s theme returns to the roots of pathology and is entitled “Pathology: prevention, diagnosis and treatment”.

Throughout the week, pathologists and laboratory scientists, both nationally and internationally, will be organising a series of events to improve public awareness of pathology related issues and the “science behind the cure”.

National Pathology Week is supported by the Royal College of Pathologists which is a professional membership organisation with charitable status. The College oversees the training of pathologists and laboratory scientists working in 19 different specialties, including cellular pathology, clinical biochemistry, haematology and medical microbiology. There are 10,000 members worldwide and together they are responsible for diagnosing over 70% of all diseases in the United Kingdom, as well as playing an important role in disease prevention, monitoring and treatment.

For a list of public events taking place during National Pathology Week please click on the attached link below:

In the context of clinical negligence, there are a number of cases that may arise in a pathology setting where a patient is the recipient of poor medical treatment, including the mis-interpretation of tissue and blood samples, delays in treating life threatening conditions, such as cancer and tuberculosis, failures in identifying autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, and errors in identifying chromosome abnormalities leading to wrongful birth claims.

The consequences of some of these failings can be devastating and often lead to physical pain, psychological trauma and financial loss. Some injuries can also prove life changing.

At Wolferstans we recognise the devastating effect that these illnesses can have on individuals and their families and have an experienced team of medical negligence lawyers who can provide help and support during these difficult times.

For example, we regularly act for clients who have suffered as a result of a delay in diagnosing a wide range of cancers, including breast cancer, bowel cancer and lung cancer and succeed in recovering damages for them and their families where their condition has become terminal.

If you have been the recipient of poor medical treatment and you would like to discuss the possibility of pursuing a claim in respect of this treatment, then please telephone Ann Ball on 01752 292374 or e-mail her at for a free consultation.

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