New Year Resolutions – Are You Committed?

New Year Resolutions – Are You Committed?

A new year brings new resolutions and it’s a time of year where people head to the gym, keen to shed the overindulgences of Christmas. The National Obesity Forum is campaigning for people to begin a new resolution in January to promote healthy living and help combat obesity.

Figures indicate that almost 20% of children leaving primary school are obese and one in four adults in the UK is considered to be obese with trends suggesting that this will increase to over 50% by the year 2050.

A new year’s resolution resolving to make small changes to what we eat, drinking more water or being a bit more physically active can all work to improve our long-term health. Not only can we improve our health, and that of our families and friends, but we can also reduce the demands on our hospitals and health services which will lead to benefits for the NHS as a whole. It’s not about making major changes that you could struggle to stick to; it’s about doing something sustainable that’ll help you in the long-term.

We can all do our bit to maintain a healthier lifestyle and it is widely known that the effect of extra weight can cause numerous health problems, including raising your risk of developing type two diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Weight-related illnesses are a leading cause of admissions to hospital, and doctors are being called upon to diagnose and treat myriad weight-related illnesses and diseases. Interventions to help manage the complications of excess weight such as gastric band surgery are increasing and are now commonplace in hospitals throughout the UK.

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