NHS calls for public not to delay cancer appointments

NHS calls for public not to delay cancer appointments

MacMillan Cancer Support have identified that, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been 50,000 fewer diagnoses of cancer across the UK. There is a worry that people with early signs of cancer are delaying seeking medical advice during the pandemic, risking a late-stage diagnoses of the disease.

NHS England chiefs have advised that record numbers of patients were being seen for check-ups before the Omicron variant reached the UK and despite the ongoing pandemic, cancer was being prioritised.

NHS England’s cancer director, Dame Cally Palmer, expressed that it is vital that people do not delay, even though hospitals remain under strain.

The Health Minister, Maria Caulfield, added that NHS staff have gone “above and beyond” to ensure cancer care continues, and reiterated that “the NHS is open”. The number of patients being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 has started to fall, and it is crucial that any signs or symptoms that patients may be worried could be cancer should be investigated without delay.

We act for clients who have suffered an avoidable delay in diagnosis in cancer, resulting in a greater risk of recurrence, an impact on life expectancy, more invasive surgery or treatment or a longer recovery period.

If you have developed a lump which may be worrying you, a change in a mole, altered bowel habits, unexplained weight loss or any other unexplained conditions and you are worried, it is vital that you visit your GP who will decide if you need to be referred to the hospital for further investigations.

If you or any members of your family have sought advice but this has not been forthcoming, or referrals not made despite ongoing symptoms which has led to a delay in diagnosis of cancer, and you would like to receive free independent legal advice, without any obligation, please contact Helena Campbell at hcampbell@wolferstans.com.

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