Traumatic childbirths tolerated as the new normal – a call for change

Traumatic childbirths tolerated as the new normal – a call for change

Recent inquiries into traumatic childbirths have shed light on alarming realities within the UK's maternity and postnatal care systems. With evidence from over 1,300 women, it's evident that poor care is too often accepted as the norm.

The distressing testimonies shared by women paint a grim picture – from being left in blood-soaked sheets to babies enduring life-changing injuries due to medical negligence. These revelations demand urgent accountability and systemic change within our healthcare infrastructure.

According to estimates, 30,000 women in the UK alone face negative childbirth experiences annually, with one in twenty developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). NHS England Chief Executive, Amanda Pritchard, rightly emphasised that such experiences "are simply not good enough".

At Wolferstans, we have witnessed heartbreaking stories from our clients, as parents recount stillbirths, premature births, and babies born with cerebral palsy due to oxygen deprivation. Many of these tragedies stem from concealed mistakes and failures before and during labour.

Our Commitment To Support

Our empathetic Medical Negligence lawyers stand in solidarity with parents who have endured such trauma. We understand that while compensation cannot erase the pain, it's our mission to offer families a sense of comfort and support as they navigate the aftermath of medical negligence.

Read Some Of Our Clients’ Devastating Stories

Now living with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and blindness, Oscar suffered brain damage because of negligence care during his birth. Our team secured £27 million to ensure his lifelong care. Read Oscar's full story here.

Born with cerebral palsy because of negligent care, Megan's case underscores the critical need for improved maternity practices. We secured over £15 million to ensure Megan's lifelong care and support. Read Megan’s full story here.

Harry's cerebral palsy was a result of a delivery delay, a scenario that could have been avoided had he been born just 30 minutes earlier. We secured over £19 million to ensure Harry receives the lifelong care he deserves. Read Harry's full story here.

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