Where there is a Will, there is always a Way…..

Where there is a Will, there is always a Way…..

Samantha Buckthought, Senior Private Client Partner at Wolferstans solicitors comments upon how we are all learning new skills.

We are living in unprecedented times where globally life is changing for us all in a way we never thought possible. I am now socially isolated in line with government guidance, working remotely from the office, in a house with 4 ravenous young boys aged between 6 and 12 who are slowly munching their way through my limited food stores whist I try to teach myself how to be a home school tutor – with very limited success. I have taught myself how to access You Tube and Zoom and have a daily dose of Joe Wickes, whilst remotely checking in on older vulnerable family members and neighbours and eyeing up some of the jobs at home that we may now just get around to. I know that this image will resonate amongst many families as I am far from alone!

It was whilst talking to an older neighbour – from a distance – at the weekend when I realised that things that I am taking as read are not necessarily commonly known. He simply said to me ‘I’ve been meaning to sort my Will out for ages and now it’s too late, isn’t it, as I will never get to see anyone now.’ It was causing him real concern, not because he is any more likely to get unwell than the rest of us, but because it was one of those things that sits on the perpetual ‘to do’ list, and situations such as the one we find ourselves in do cause us all to take stock.

It was hugely rewarding for me as a lawyer to be able to tell him that I could still help; that I could take instructions over the phone or by Skype and prepare his Will for him very easily and in a very short space of time. It was hugely relieving for him to be able to have control over that aspect of his life at least, at a time when so much is out of our hands, and make sure that his wishes were set out.

How many of us are helping elderly family and acquaintances who cannot help but be worried about such things? Family structures are no longer straight forward, and very often that is the reason that we do not ‘get around to it’. It has never been easier to put your mind at rest from the comfort of your own home.

It may not be the norm, but as with many things that we are adjusting to, it is the new norm and we can always find a way……… Over the last few weeks we have been busy supporting our clients who have needed us to do just that, by supporting them to do their Will at a distance, and put their minds at rest.

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