Why use a SFE accredited solicitor?

Why use a SFE accredited solicitor?

SFE is a national organisation which aims to support and make a difference to older and vulnerable people (those who may not be able bodied and/or who not have mental capacity i.e. they need help to make decisions or they can’t make decisions for themselves). They work with government and legal bodies to ensure member’s and those they represent voices are heard.

With life expectancy forever increasing and people living longer and longer these days, incidents of dementia, strokes and loss of mental capacity are on the rise. Here at Wolferstans, our SFE accredited team members are trained in older client care so that they are able to take into account any difficulties both mental and physical which can effect older and vulnerable clients, and are aware of health and social problems that people may face.

We are proud to announce that Rebecca Bawler in our Wills and Probate department recently became a full member of the Solicitors For Elderly (SFE) and is now the fourth member of our team to be rewarded with this accreditation, where she joins Gemma Smith and Laura Thompson. We have asked the team to answer a few questions:

Why did you choose to become a member of SFE?

“Working in the Wills & Probate team, the majority of my clients are in the category that SFE represent. I felt that it was important to undertake their expert training and best practice procedures to ensure I am providing my clients with the highest possible level of service. Being a member also ensures that I am kept up to date with relevant news and legal developments.” – Rebecca Bawler.

Can any solicitor become an SFE member?

“All SFE members have a common purpose and the solicitors who become professional members must demonstrate experience working with the elderly and vulnerable clients as well complete the specialist training to obtain accreditation by SFE. There is a student programme of membership for non-qualified lawyers to give them an introduction and grounding in older client law to enable them to progress forward and potentially become a professional member post-qualification.” – Laura Thompson

What are the benefits of using a SFE solicitor and for any clients who may require legal assistance for wills or probate, why should they choose Wolferstans?

“You are using a lawyer who specialises in advising older and vulnerable people and their families and carers and is an accreditation that I am proud to have. We are a very friendly and specialist team who always look to do the best we can for our clients. – Gemma Smith

For any clients who may require legal assistance with deputyship and Court of Protection, why should they choose Wolferstans?

“We have an experienced, friendly and client focused Court of Protection team.” – Sophie O’Connell

If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment with one of our SFE accredited members, please contact our Client Services team: Daron Christian Leah Dawkins

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