From University Dreams to Unforeseen Obstacles: Triumphing Over Medical Negligence

From University Dreams to Unforeseen Obstacles: Triumphing Over Medical Negligence

Lewis, a determined university student, faced unexpected challenges when he began experiencing persistent pain and discomfort in his ankles and knees. As time went on, these symptoms escalated, accompanied by pins and needles sensations in his feet and overwhelming fatigue that hindered his studies.

Misdiagnosis and Its Impact

Seeking answers, Lewis turned to his GP, who suspected psoriasis with arthropathy, given the presence of a scaly scalp and joint inflammation. Despite various tests and investigations, the diagnosis ended there, with no further action taken. Unfortunately, this proved to be a crucial missed opportunity for Lewis's health and future.

As the days turned into months, Lewis's mobility deteriorated. His knees swelled to alarming proportions, and his ankle pain forced him to walk with a noticeable limp. The toll on his academic pursuits was undeniable, as he had to extend his course by an extra year. Sadly, Lewis's dreams of a career in the financial sector were dashed, as his grades fell short of his aspirations.

A Turning Point in Lewis's Life

After university, Lewis found it difficult to secure permanent employment because of the progressive weakness and mobility issues plaguing his body. Life had become an uphill battle, leaving him feeling defeated and uncertain about the future. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when Lewis registered with a new GP Surgery 2 years later.

Finally, Lewis's voice was heard, and the necessary actions were taken. Experiencing ongoing pain in his ankles, knees, wrists, and upper neck, Lewis was promptly referred to a local Rheumatology Clinic. There, he received a definitive diagnosis of severe progressive inflammatory arthritis. The Consultant Rheumatologist acknowledged the unacceptable delay in the initial diagnosis, offering a heartfelt apology to Lewis.

Building a Bright Future: Lewis's Path to Success

With the right treatment plan in place, including disease-modifying drugs and anti-inflammatory medicine, Lewis's condition stabilised. He also received ongoing care for his skin conditions at a Dermatology Clinic. Although the delay had altered his life trajectory and dampened his career aspirations, Lewis refused to let adversity define him.

Seeking justice, Lewis reached out to our Medical Negligence team, who provided unwavering support throughout his claim. Through the dedication of Richard Evans and collaboration with Counsel, Lewis secured a well-deserved financial award of £55,000. This compensation marked a turning point in his journey, allowing him to regain control and pursue a fulfilling career in the Civil Service.

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