What to expect during your initial consultation

We understand how upsetting and traumatic it can be for patients who have suffered injuries because of negligent medical treatment and fully appreciate just how daunting it can be for them or their families, to approach solicitors with a view to pursuing a claim for compensation.

Often those affected have questions or concerns about the prospect of pursuing a medical negligence claim, but our new client team are always available to offer reassurance and will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

Arranging your free, no obligation initial consultation with our team

When you want to make an initial enquiry either you, or someone on your behalf, can telephone us on 01752 292204 or visit our office to discuss the details of your potential claim with one of the new client team. If you prefer to send us an email, our new client team will happily call you back at a time convenient to you or we can take initial details of your claim via email.

What will happen at the initial consultation

We will need to establish certain key facts about what has happened to you, including:

  • The nature of the injury you have suffered
  • Approximately when it occurred
  • Why you believe your injury was caused by negligent medical treatment

If you have made a complaint or an investigation has been undertaken or perhaps someone in the medical profession has told you that your injury would have been avoided, if you had received appropriate care, please tell us. Similarly, if you have any documents or correspondence relating to your medical treatment, it is helpful for us to see them.

What happens after the initial consultation

Once we have the necessary information regarding your potential claim, we may need to undertake some medical, and possibly legal, research and, if appropriate, we will seek a preliminary opinion regarding aspects of your claim from an independent medical expert in the relevant medical speciality. When these steps have been completed, your case will then be considered by our specialist medical negligence lawyers, who will decide whether your case has enough merit to warrant an initial investigation.

Our new client team will then write or telephone to confirm our decision and, if we believe your claim has sufficient merit to justify undertaking a formal investigation, we will invite you to contact us to discuss and establish a suitable method of funding to cover the legal costs which will be incurred in pursuing your claim, such as Legal Expenses Insurance, Legal Aid or a Conditional Fee Agreement (‘no win, no fee’).

You do not need to worry about the costs involved in pursuing your claim. We are committed to ensuring that everyone who has valid grounds for investigating a claim has a viable funding option available to them. This means that if we believe your claim has enough merit to justify an initial investigation, we will be able to find a funding option suitable for you.

This process is entirely free of charge, completely confidential and without any obligation on your part to instruct us to proceed, even if we advise you that we believe your claim has reasonable prospects of success.

Of course, we hope that you will want to instruct us to investigate your claim. We act for hundreds of patients every year, for whom the compensation we recover for them makes a real difference to their lives.

Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with our medical negligence team now

To arrange a free initial no obligation consultation and find out more about starting a medical negligence claim, please email medicalnegligence@wolferstans.com.